Made here by us our Great British Wood fuel Briquette

Hotblocks Burn Hotter & Longer than Seasoned & Kiln Dried Logs

For use on Woodburners, Multifuel Stoves, Open Fires, Grates, Chimineas & Fire Pits


Hotblocks burn hotter

Cleaner, safer, hotter

Manufactured by us in the UK

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Manufactured by us in the UK

Easy to Order. Quick Delivery. Eco-friendly.

Discover the benefits of Hotblocks, less than 10% moisture mean they’re ready to burn!


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Reasons to Choose Hotblocks

  1. Hotblocks Burn Hotter & Longer: They are ready to burn & at less than 10% moisture content our 100% recycled HotBlocks burn hotter and for longer than seasoned and kiln dried logs.
  2. Made in our UK Factory: We manufacture HotBlocks in our own factory using sustainable clean wood collected by us.  
  3. Easy to Light: Initially get used to Hotblocks, simply light them in the same way as coal or logs by placing 3 Hotblocks on a bed of kindling and paper with firelighters.
  4. Clean & Easy to Store: They are clean to handle and really convenient to stack and store. Because HotBlocks are all the same consistent shape and size they stack safely and efficiently.
  5. Use in Wide Range of Heaters: Woodburners, Multifuel Stoves, Log Burners, Chimineas, Firepits & BBQs.
  6. Keeps Stove Glass Clean: They are also much less likely to spit because they are so dry and this also helps to keep the glass clean on your stove.
  7. Very Little Ash: HotBlocks leave behind very little ash (around 1%). Therefore less emptying of the ash. The ash can also be used in the garden as a soil conditioner or put on the compost heap.

Individual Briquette Size (approx): 15cm x 8.5cm x 6.5cm
Briquette Heat Output: 4.8 kwh/kg
vs Seasoned Logs: 3 kwh/kg
vs Kiln Dried Logs: 4.5 kwh/kg

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Bulk products will be delivered using a courier vehicle, will be “shrink wrapped” and placed on a pallet. Delivery of bulk products will be via a Tail Lift vehicle equipped with pallet trucks for kerbside delivery on FIRM surfaces. 

Further Bulk Delivery Information (PDF Download)

Smaller products such as the Hotblocks trial products are delivered by standard parcel courier.

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We recommend that HotBlocks are stored under cover.

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About Penntree

At Penntree we are proud to be a small, rural family business employing local people. We provide innovative recycling solutions to businesses of all sizes, turning clean wood materials into really useful eco friendly products.

Great wood eco alternative to logs or coal.


  1. Manufactured In Our Own UK Factory using sustainable, clean, recycled wood

  2. Consistent Moisture Content of 10% or less, they are ready to burn

  3. Natural lignin acts as a natural binder to form the shape of the Hotblocks

  4. Reduces Risk Of Spitting & Ensures Consistent Burn

  5. Safely Stored – Retaining Quality & Performance

  6. We’re a Family Business proud to produce a British product!


Safety. Take Care!

IMPORTANT: Please don’t overload your fire with HotBlocks as they burn very hot.

Care should also be taken for some time after the fire has died down as the ash may remain hot for up to 12 hours.

Hotblocks Wood Briquettes

Mr Samson from North Yorkshire uses Hot Blocks in his wood burner as they burn hotter than coal.

“I use Hotblocks as a fuel for my wood burner. Providing I keep the door of the wood burner closed shut the Hot Blocks heat the whole of my 1,000 square foot bungalow. The Hot Blocks burn hotter than coal in our wood burner and I use only 3 blocks to keep the fire in through the night.”

Hotblocks Wood Briquettes

Mrs Southern from North Yorkshire (Multi Fuel Stove)

“Before buying Hot Blocks we tried smokeless fuel and seasoned logs. Both are messy and it was difficult to find a reliable source of seasoned logs. Hotblocks are perfect for anyone who does not have tons of storage as they are really clean and are easily stored in cupboards and under the stairs for example. The Hotblocks service is brilliant, the staff do everything they can to meet our ordering and delivery needs.”


Full Pallet HotBlocks – (96 x 12 Packs)

120cm (w) x 110 cm (h) x 100cm (d)

1152 wood briquettes


Full Pallet HotBlocks – (48 x 24 Packs)


120cm (w) x 110cm (h) x 100cm (d)

1152 wood briquettes


½ Pallet of HotBlocks – (48 x 12 Packs)

120cm (w) x 65cm (h) x 100cm (d)

576 wood briquettes


½ Pallet of HotBlocks – (24 x 24 Packs)


120cm (w) x 65cm (h) x 100cm (d)

576 wood briquettes


¼ Pallet of HotBlocks (24 x 12 Packs)

96cm (w) x 65cm (h) x 75cm (d)

288 wood briquettes


¼ Pallet of HotBlocks - (12 x 24 Packs)


96cm (w) x 65cm (h) x 75cm (d)

288 wood briquettes

Hotblocks Wood Briquettes

Mr H Johnson

February 2019 – Mr Johnson tried Hotblocks and decided that this was the most environmental product that he could find.


What are HotBlocks Wood Briquettes?

HotBlocks are a great recycling solution as they are made from clean, recycled, sustainable wood collected by us from our own network of customers & are ready to burn.

Originally having been damaged irreparable pallets and crates that have reached the end of their useful life, we transport these to our factory and, via a number of stages, convert this into HotBlocks and our other wood based products. This gives our recycled wood another useful life beyond its original purpose.

All of our wood based products are not just eco friendly as they each outperform the conventional alternatives in a number of ways.

How Many HotBlocks Do I Need?

If you have the space and are happy with the individual pack weights (20kg), the most economical volume to buy is unquestionably a Full Pallet of the 24 packs.

Or, as a guide we would suggest the following:

  • Everyday use, large fire, lots of storage – Full Pallet
  • Often used, medium fire, some storage – Half Pallet
  • Small fire, hardly any storage – Quarter Pallet

How Do I Store Hotblocks?

We take care to pack HotBlocks by hand into high quality packaging. This ensures that they can be safely stored for long periods of time yet still retain their quality and performance.  We do recommend that HotBlocks are stored under cover.

They are clean to handle and really convenient to stack and store. Because HotBlocks are all the same consistent shape and size they stack safely and efficiently. (For example, a full pallet of HotBlocks can easily be stored against a wall at the back of a garage).

How Much Ash is Left Behind?

HotBlocks leave behind very little ash, in fact only around 1%. The fine powdery ash can be used in the garden as a soil conditioner or mixed in with the compost heap.

Are HotBlocks Eco-friendly?

Yes very, we don’t cut down trees to make briquettes! Mr J from Bristol, on the 3rd February 2019, sent an email after burning our Hotblock briquettes and commented – “Hotblock briquettes were the most environmental product I could find”.

What Sort of Delivery Access Do I Need?

If buying bulk quantities all you require is good access for a lorry and level hard ground for our lorry to offload using a tail-lift and pallet truck.

Download our Hotblocks delivery guide (PDF).

Who Stocks Hotblocks?

As well as purchasing directly from this website, we currently have a number of stockists throughout the UK, and are continually appointing more. In areas where we may not yet have a stockist we are able to offer a highly competitive direct delivery from our factory on all orders of 1/4 or more pallets.

Please call for details of your nearest stockist or for direct delivered prices.

If you need any more information about HotBlocks or our stockists please call 01454 538803.

How do I use Hotblocks?

How Do I Light My Wood Burner with HotBlocks Wood Briquettes?

This couldn’t be simpler and in many ways is easier than lighting a traditional wood or coal fire. Light and use in the same way as coal or logs or watch our short How To! Video.

Hotblocks Guide to Lighting Your Fire

  1. Place two Hotblocks on their sides about 1 inch apart with a third block over the top, forming a bridge.
  2. Place a couple of firelighters in the gap and light.
  3. If you are using a wood burning stove, open up the draw and baffle to get the fire burning initially. When the appliance reaches a suitable temperature, damp down to leave your preferred flame pattern.
  4. Resist the temptation to poke a HotBlocks fire as this will break up the blocks and increase air flow into the centre of the fire and so substantially reduce the burn time.
  5. When you are ready place one or two HotBlocks onto your fire to replenish.